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Riviere - Stile Milano


Creativity isn’t just about making beautiful jewelry and stunning clothes, but also in the capability of combining them in ways that are elegant, different and often eye-catching. Stile Milano, through and in-depth research carried out in the historical archives of the RCS Group as well as the Teche Rai, highlights the evolution of style and the change of the female persona over five decades

Milano’s jewelers and tailors, from the post-war years till nowadays have created customized outfits and jewels for their clients wisely using special manufacturing techniques. 


Immagine di Selia - Stile Milano

In 1951 the Fashion Houses of Jole Veneziani, Vanna, Nobersako, Germana Marucelli, participated to the historical runway presentation at Palazzo Pitt’ Sala Bianca in Florence, contributing thus to the birth of the Italian high fashion. Since then those pioneering maisons as well as ateliers such as Fercioni, Giuseppina Tizzoni, Selia, Pirovano, Biki and Gigliola Curiel, enjoyed growing success amongst the Milanese first and international then fashion scene. This was the beginning of an era that has crowned Milano as one of the world’s the capital of lifestyle’s and design’s arena.


Gioiello Moderno - Stile Milano

There is always a strict correlation between jewelry and outfits, it is that correlation that ultimately defines the dress code of an era. Stile Milano is a testament to both the exquisite taste of a select number of Milanese women and to the superior creativity and craftmanship of a select number of local jewelers and their ability to masterfully employ precious materials and design innovative high-end jewelry.

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