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Curated by Mara Cappelletti February 25 - March 26 Biffi Art Gallery Piacenza.
The evocative power of the spheres

What's inside a sphere? A world, perhaps magical, perhaps beautiful and incorruptible. For the ancients it was a symbol of perfection as it was always equal to itself closed and finished. The earth and celestial bodies are spherical and the sphere is the only geometric solid that is the same wherever you look at it. A perfect form, in short, of absolute regularity and full of mystery that has fascinated thinkers, philosophers and artists. For Albert Einstein the universe has the shape of a sphere, but in some writings the great physicist expresses the possibility that within a sphere communication “portals” between two different universes can be created. The artist MC Escher also plays with the possibility of intuiting and representing an infinite world in a finite space. The illustration Hand with reflective sphere represents not only the artist and his hand but the world around him in a wider way than what would be possible in reality and suggests the possibility of evoking simultaneous worlds. Representing the spheres to break them and dissolve their formal perfection is a game shared by sculptors such as Lucio Fontana and Arnaldo Pomodoro who, through the cracks of the spherical surfaces, communicate the internal space with the external one. In more recent times, Anish Kapoor with the Tall Tree and the Eye sculpture composed of 76 mirror spheres, creates a 'sort of eye that reflects endless images'.
The sphere, an enigmatic and secret object, is also delicate and light when it becomes a bubble and even stimulating and fun when it expresses itself in the perlage of a wine and turns into a tantalizing pleasure when it tickles the palate, transforming itself into a cascade of bubbles.

The Spherae Jewels

Inspired by these elements, the SPHERAE exhibition brings together the creations and suggestions of some representatives of contemporary goldsmith excellence and presents about forty designer jewels that, together, create a varied and fascinating journey. So here is the sphere caged between the levels of gold and diamonds, the spheres free to move and create reflections and sounds, the spheres that play between the folds of gold, the cheerful spheres that are covered with bright colors, the romantic ones with soft colors, dark ones with nocturnal reflections. Spheres that represent small worlds in difficulty but with the ability to be reborn or inspired by the world of nature where the round shape multiplies to infinity. Iridescent, delicate, transparent, translucent bubbles, with a precious or ecological soul. Small spheres represent the bubbles that rise in an apparently perpetual motion in the glass of a fine wine, but which become a 'still image' imprinted forever in the metal. A world of beautiful, elegant, harmonious objects in their perfection and ability to represent a shape in the completed or unfinished way. Symbolic, precious, seductive. The spheres of SPHERAE. In the SPHERAE exhibition the jewel is inspired by formal excellence and is declined in imaginative stylistic features with pearls, boules and precious sinuosities.

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