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Alessandro Averla

Graduated Master of Art, Gemologist and Valuator of Precious at the State Institute of Art "Benvenuto Cellini" of Valenza, Alessandro Averla has a declared and consolidated passion for the creation of precious objects and personal taste. With years of experience behind them, the technical design skills are now of the highest level, which allows you to create practically anything. The unique pieces produced are intuitions that become highly personal artistic expressions, or the result of researches that combine real lines of common objects with deep emotions. Alessandro Averla The sphere in a precious cage - 'Moduli' ring, Italy 2016. 750 white gold, 15 mm Tahitian pearl and 65 brilliants.

Corrado De Meo

“The first cognitive act that I perform in front of any object is the definition of its volume and following its design in space and the clarification of its forms exposed to light. - declares Corrado De Meo - "It follows the desire to harmonize those forms, analyzed in their structure, with a structure as complex as that of the human body". This study constitutes a fundamental sector of the Livorno artist's research which is also aimed at giving an unexpected lightness to those volumes, using very light materials. The work on the material is combined with the use of color to create a visual emotion. Corrado De Meo 'Psychedelic Bubbles' brooch, Italy 2016. Polystyrene, resins, acrylic colors, gold.

Giuseppina Fermi

Giuseppina Fermi instills in his fancy jewelry, taste for color and reminiscences of the oldest goldsmith culture. In fact, in his creations there are reminiscences of the Etruscan tradition, oriental echoes, neo-classical and Gothic suggestions, visions of a Renaissance character. Color is the absolute protagonist and takes the irregular shape, rich in character, of semi-precious stones and corals that are not modified or worked to force them into a role. Giuseppina Fermi The delicate sphere - 'En rose' bracelet, Italy 2016. Silver, gilded silver, pink quartz cabochon, tourmaline

Antonella Ferrara

Antonella Ferrara cultivates a personal expressive universe, in which noble metals, worked with the lost wax technique or in chiseled plates, combined with precious stones, crystals, pearls, corals, give life to a world that is often inspired by mythology. in the Eidos necklace that represents 'the Origin' and the 'Form of Life' and has a double pendant, one in silver with rock crystal, swiveling, and a pomegranate which is also an enamelled opening casket. 'Light and Power' and embeds a large transparent bubble of rock crystal or the Lieviti ring that is 'Divine Gift' which is inspired by the yeasts that create the perlage. Antonella Ferrara The sphere of light and power - 'Elios' ring, Italy 2016. 750 gold, rock crystal sphere open in the lower part and emptied of the entire mineral block. Antonella Ferrara The spheres of the divine gift - 'Lieviti' ring, Italy 2016. It is inspired by the yeasts that create the perlage. 925 silver made by lost wax casting. The stem carries the rock crystal cup screwed by means of a threaded pin. At the center of the stone, carved from solid and polished, stand the settings, in 750 white gold that welcome small iridescent cabochon opals.

Nicoletta Frigerio

Nicoletta Frigerio is located in a borderland, where her artistic research, without distinction between art and applied arts, places matter at the center, subjected to chemical interventions and transformations. He creates sculpture-jewels of abstract matrix, which he develops into families of objects, so as to represent symbolic paths, and to metals he combines the most diverse elements such as alabaster, ceramics, mirrors. On the occasion of Spherae, Nicoletta Frigerio presents a collection of unique pieces called Fermo Immagine inspired by special bubbles and which represent the 'still image' of a delicate perlage imprinted on the metal.

Maddalena Monaldi

Maddalena Monaldi who proposes jewels in which the asymmetry of the design and the intuitive but not immediately distinguishable organic forms are in line with this symbolic interpretation of nature. Thus the Betulleto brooch among the branches proposes the romantic image of a nocturnal in the snow-covered birch forest with the moon peeping through the branches, the Medusa ring resembles a jellyfish, has the shape of this being that swims in the uncontaminated seas. It suggests a dual nature of a fearsome and poisonous creature - but only for defense - and a symptom of the purity of the sea. Jellyfish do not live in polluted seas. The pendant The planet to come has a slightly twisted shape, as if it had been deformed by shocks, a 'dented' planet yet the blue stone that looks like water could open a glimmer of hope. As long as there is water some form of life can develop and survive.

New Art Milan

It expresses the characteristics of the craftsmanship and the manual skills of the master goldsmith, the work of Alfredo Origoni who with his son Davide is the soul of the New Art Milano atelier. While loving to create 'minimal' objects of great charm, Alfredo does not neglect to create more impressive jewels such as the Bollicine bracelet and ring made of silver and embossed with galvanic treatments that create plays of color on the metal surfaces. The perforated surface recalls the bursting bubbles of wine.

Opposite Jewels

The uniqueness of the jewels created by Antonello Malfa and proposed under the Opposite Jewels brand has been refined over the years by the continuous search for always new experimental techniques. They are ornaments made with precious metals and precious and semiprecious stones such as quartz, pearls, garnets and characterized by a fluidity that makes each piece unique and particular that expresses a strong and decisive hand in the important shapes with eclectic color combinations but of great and wise balance.

Rosy Venetucci

The proposal of the goldsmith Rosy Venetucci is conceptual, who used rhodium silver to create perforated spheres free to move. The Onda d'ussto collier with a mobile sphere has a graphic shape that develops on the concept of round, with an irregular surface and the ring of the same line in the shape of a half sphere that contains a small moving sphere. Interpreting the moving spheres, he reminds us that drinking too much wine can overwhelm with the force of a wave.

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