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"I didn't know the table belonged to her," Alice replied, "it's set for more than three."
- Lewis Carrol, Alice in Wonderland -

The delights of the table have inspired over the centuries the most precious jewels and the most fashionable bijoux.
The shapes and colors of edible products have helped to trace a cheerful, fun and ironic history of the jewel.
Thanks to the goldsmith's art, food, released from its nutritional function, has been transformed into a purely aesthetic form, an object rich in symbolic content and immediately recognizable.
Becoming the meeting point between the planning of food design and the imagination of the jeweler, metal, stones and enamels give life to food-shaped jewels in a kaleidoscope of colors, light and brilliance.
The exhibition GIOIELLI DI GUSTO, in a mix of real jewelry, bijou and fashion accessory, aims to present a series of fascinating objects that offer a reflection, sometimes serious, sometimes surreal, sometimes fantastic, on the relationship between food and ornament.
Through historical specimens and contemporary works by Italian and international jewelers and designers, the event illustrates how dishes and foods have always been vehicles of creativity and underline the aesthetic and cultural value of food.
In fact, going through history, we arrive at contemporary jewelery intended not only as an accessory and ornament but as a design object born from experimentation, from a search for new materials and new forms that becomes an emblem of pure creativity.
And if each object, in itself, is a small marvel of manufacture and creativity, the installation conceived by Alejandro Ruiz for the exhibition tells the visions that arise in a silent and enigmatic world like that represented by a table set up for some banquet but abandoned, on which the jewels are 'casually' placed.
In a game of presence-absence, order-disorder, color and non-color, surprise emerges because the tools and objects for mise en place have real shapes, but they are actually origami.
In fact, paper is the material element chosen by Ruiz to define the register of this project which takes its cue from everyday life to reach the dimension of fantasy and enchantment.


Esempio di Gioiello - Mostra Gioielli di Gusto

The section dedicated to real jewels and high jewelery proposes the creativity of the great jewelers declined to the theme of food.

The taste of fashion

Gioiello creativo della Mostra Gioielli di Gusto

Gastronomic inspirations are not lacking in fashion that often uses fruits, ice cream, sweets, berries, pasta and even eggs to shape the funniest bijoux.
Moschino, Ferré, Versace, Missoni, are among those who have referred to the 'food' theme to create their creations.

THE vintage TASTE


Gioiello contemporary - mostra gioielli di gusto
Gioiello vintage - Mostra Gioielli di Gusto

The section presents a collection of unique pieces or pieces made in very small series, inherent to the theme, among the most interesting on the Italian and international scene, the result of careful research on shapes and materials.

This vintage section will host a series of jewelry from the early nineteenth century until the nineties of the twentieth century with pieces of Trifari, Boucher, Rosenstein and Sharra Pagano to reach the historical collections of Fendi, Ferre, Krizia and Lagerfeld.

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